San Luigi Gonzaga Odontoiatria


The clinical and research activities at San Luigi Gonzaga deals all dental disciplines. We give special importance to the prevention and treatment of oral disease the most common of the children, because we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. Just in preventing develops much of our clinical activity, research and outreach.
We conducted in particular aesthetic prostheses, prosthesis on implants, oral surgery, oral surgery and advanced.
Among the various excellences of San Luigi Gonzaga play a special role in the implant-supported fixed prostheses made ​​of patients in the absence of bone and grafted with extraoral withdrawals.


  • fixed and removable prostheses
  • aesthetic prosthesis
  • pediatric dentistry
  •  endodontic
  • orthodontics
  •  physiotherapy skull cervical mandibular
  •  gnathology and clinical pathophysiology of the TM
  •  Advanced oral surgery
  •  oral surgery and implant
  •  oral pathology
  •  periodontology
  •  oral hygiene and prevention


• Clinical trials of advanced oral surgery, implantology and esthetic prosthesis
• Protocols laboratory of the latest materials that are investigated characteristics of precision and marginal adaptation of the crowns protein
• Histological on regenerative therapies osteo-inductive and new types of dental implants
• Development of new operations related to oral surgery increased pre-implant
• Studies and specific tests on impression materials
• Advanced Searches related to the use of nanotechnology in medical and industrial
• Disclosure regarding prevention practices to avoid the most common oral diseases

San Luigi Gonzaga Odontoiatria