Sport and Sponsor




HyaluWell Plus helps athletes because the philosophy of Hyaluwell Plus is to help people regain their well-being.

On the other hand the San Luigi Gonzaga S.r.l. its corporate mission is to work, do research and innovation in the field of personal care and well-being.

Precisely for this reason he created the HyaluWell product line. In particular HyaluWell Plus. But not only that, they are studying new products. HyaluDent, specific for dentistry. A product of the HyaluWell line that sees the refinement of HyaluWell Plus with special specific features. Then HyaluWell Lady, designed specifically for the female audience. and finally HyaluWell Sport, with a composition specifically designed for the needs of athletes.

These new products of the HyaluWell line are in the studio, because we at San Luigi Gonzaga S.r.l. we want to offer the best through the HyaluWell line.

The San Luigi Gonzaga S.r.l. , HyaluWell and HyaluWell Plus for some years now have been official partners of FIJLKAM Fermo, and in 2017 it was official sponsor of the Italian FIJLKAM Championships in Milan.