In this section we have collected videos of interventions in conferences and seminars.

I.Ri.Fo.R. Ascoli Piceno – Fermo – Prof. Sergio Zaccaria Scalinci
Report “Retinitis Pigmentosa: new therapeutic perspectives with stem cells” by prof. Sergio Zaccaria Scalinci, ophthalmologist, University of Studies (Bologna) and of Dr. Celeste Limoli, University of Studies (Bologna), at the conference “Hereditary retinal dystrophies and maculopathies: the point of research in Italy and abroad – IX Edition – Milan, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Saturday 23 February 2019 – SOURCE APRI ONLUS
Marco Bongi interviews Prof. Sergio Zaccaria Scalinci, ophthalmologist at the University of Bologna and President of Low Vision Academy – FONTE APRI ONLUS
Lipid and protein transport in the lymphatic  system – SOURCE KHAN ACCADEMY
Over the period of 24 hours, the lymphatic system is responsible for delivering up to four liters of fluid back into the venous system. Join Dr. Heather Hettrick as she explains how lymphedema can greatly impact a body’s transport capacity. – SOURCE 3M HEALTH CARE