Lymphatic Transport – Lymphatic Transport

Lymphatic Transport is a privileged path of absorption after the administration of drugs and food supplements. The lymphatic system is a vital part of the circulatory and immune systems and plays an important role in homeostasis by controlling the volume of extracellular fluid and in fighting infections.
In particular, studies show how this system is rapid and effective for absorption after the administration of drugs and supplements. This method of intake, acting by lymphatic absorption, is particularly effective for assimilation. In fact, thanks to the innovative low molecular weight formula and the sublingual intake system, the product quickly reaches the general circulation by skipping the hepatic filter, hence the first pass effect.

Lymphatic System – What It Is, How It Works and Why It Matters

The lymphatic system is generally studied extensively by doctors and researchers regarding its fundamental function. Many medical and pharmaceutical researches for its properties for the transport of medicines and supplements, the sublingual system will be the future for taking therapies. The lymphatic system allows the lymph to reach all tissues, draining every corner of the body. The lymphatic system is collateral to the cardiovascular system and consists of an articulated system of vessels, very similar to the venous and arterial circulatory system.

Lymphatic Transport – Lymphatic Transport STUDIES AND RESEARCH

The lymphatic system for the transport of medicines and supplements is extensively studied all over the world, with consolidated results by now. This parallel and potentially alternative absorption pathway has many advantages.

The importance of integrating Hyaluronic Acid

HYALURONIC ACID is a molecule naturally produced by the body with the purpose of hydrating
and protect the fabrics. AI is one of the fundamental components of the extracellular matrix and of the
cartilage. AI has unique properties that make it essential, it is in fact able to act as a shockproof,
as a cementing molecule and as a lubricant. It has protective, anti-inflammatory properties, prevents the
tissue damage and helps restore damaged ones. It works as a filter against the
diffusion in the tissues of bacteria and other infectious agents. AI plays a fundamental role in articulation,
it is in fact responsible for the viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid.
is present: in the vitreous humor of the eye; in the synovial fluid; in the skin; in the cartilage; in the tendons; in the umbilical cord; in the walls of the aorta.

the  vitreous body  it is made up of 98-99% water and the remaining 1-2% of  hyaluronic acid , salts, sugars and collagen-type proteins (vitrosin, opticin, type II collagen, etc.).

Synovial fluid is a clear and viscous fluid, which thanks to its lubricating action protects the joint surfaces from wear and tear. Its physical characteristics of plasticity, elasticity and viscosity are guaranteed by its composition, in particular hyaluronic acid .

Hyaluronic acid is found freely beneath the surface of the skin ,  stimulates the production of collagen and the regeneration of connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid allows to maintain the turgidity, hydration and elasticity of the skin , also because it is able to store a large amount of water.

Hyaluronic acid is considered the elixir of life for the joints . Hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally present in our body and works a bit like motor oil, it lubricates gears and limits friction, therefore it has an anti-inflammatory action. It is also able to stimulate the formation of collagen (a connective tissue protein essential for the good health of skin, cartilage, bones, etc.).


Hyaluronic acid is an essential endogenous component of the tissues of all mammals, including cartilage and tendons, but also skin, walls of the aorta , umbilical cord. It “lubricates” and strengthens them and for this reason the  Function of hyaluronic acid is also particularly important in tissues such as the wall of the aorta, the largest and most important artery in the human body.

Immune system

Hyaluronic acid also has an important function in the immune system. In fact, it promotes the activity of white blood cells which destroy harmful microorganisms. It has a blocking effect that helps reduce bacterial infections.


The hyaluronic acid present in our body is continuously eliminated and replaced every day. It decreases significantly with age. Over the years, the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid also decreases. We have seen how important the molecular weight of this acid is for its rheological properties and how fundamental this element is for the organism. Therefore, a targeted reintegration of HyaluWell Plus® Hyaluronic Acid becomes essential to facilitate the restoration of lost functions and prevent numerous pathologies.

Grafico Acido Ialuronico Assorbimento Linfatico Integratori


When we talk about hyaluronic acid we are referring to one of the most studied substances in the medical field.
The first fields of research and use of hyaluronic acid were ophthalmic and orthopedic. In the case of eye surgery, retinal detachment, cataracts, the use of hyaluronic acid has proved essential. Obviously, in the orthopedic field, research immediately turned to Hyaluronic Acid to treat the joints affected by arthritis. In fact, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, there is a decrease in hyaluronic acid within the synovial fluid. Viscosupplementation is one of the most common therapies in case of osteoarthritis. It is an intra-articular therapy with hyaluronic acid that affects the blood system and the sublingual HyaluWell ® line supports this therapy through the lymphatic system. Thanks to this combination, better therapeutic results are easily achieved. Hyaluronic acid is useful in the gynecological field, as an adjuvant in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions and urogynecological disorders. As for the hair, hyaluronic acid is really useful for nourishing dry and damaged hair making it smooth and shiny, they are also effective in relieving itchy scalp prone to dandruff, psoriasis or eczema.

The San Luigi Gonzaga Srl research team. and HyaluWell ® , has as its objective the satisfaction of customer needs, creating innovative and safe products, with patented formulas, at the highest levels of European standards. It is precisely the innovation that characterizes the products of the HyaluWell ® line, such as, HyaluWell Plus® , Ialulady ® , HyaluWell Fast® , IaluRadio X® and HyaluProst Fast® . Constant research has made it possible to obtain an innovative solution of Hyaluronic Acid at 200,000 Da in Liquid Sodium Hyaluronate, extremely concentrated which allows rapid absorption and fast results.

The specialties of the HyaluWell ® line are a highly innovative solution of Hyaluronic Acid at 200,000 Da in Liquid Sodium Hyaluronate , for sublingual intake through the practical spray system. The innovative patented composition of HyaluWell ® products, such as IaluLady ® guarantees greater viscoelastic properties, greater absorption and fast results. A single daily sublingual intake is sufficient through the convenient spout which guarantees safety and hygiene of the product. This allows for a non-invasive application and rapid absorption because it goes directly into the Lymphatic System. Pleasantness is another strong point of HyaluWell® products, such as IaluLady ®. Our team has in fact studied a pleasant composition. We are looking for effective but also pleasant solutions, because this is our philosophy. Our products must in fact be effective, safe and pleasant. No aspect of our supplements is left to chance.

The product line HyaluWell ® , such as IaluLady ® is also represent the respect for nature and the environment that has always been carried out since San Luigi Gonzaga Srl The products of the line HyaluWell ® , such as IaluLady ® is not tested on animals. IaluLady ® is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, this is because it is not derived from animal sources. It does not contain gluten and lactose. IaluLady ® is particularly recommended and valid with homeopathic treatments.

The HyaluWell® and San Luigi Gonzaga Srl research team paid particular attention to product safety. HyaluWell ® specialties, such as IaluLady ® , are produced under optimal hygienic conditions. From the active ingredients of the composition of HyaluWell ® products, such as patented IaluLady ® , all natural and in purity, up to the glass packaging with inviolable closure and the particular sublingual spray application system with dosing nozzle to guarantee the product from any contamination. Continuous chemical-physical analyzes carried out during all processing phases guarantee the absolute safety of the product.


HyaluWell® – The line of supplements from San Luigi Gonzaga Srl® which act through sublingual absorption through the lymphatic system

The long research conducted by San Luigi Gonzaga Srl in the field of food supplementation with natural products has led to the wise use of Hyaluronic Acid, of vegetable origin, in purity, combined with other active ingredients (Echinacea, Erisimo, Sunflower Lecithin, Anethole , Brassica Oleacera E. L Var. Italica, Oenothera Biennis oleum, etc.), for the creation of a wide line of specific products, the line of food supplements HyaluWell®:

HyaluWell Plus®;
HyaluWell Fast®;
Other innovative products are also being studied (HyaluDent, AHA Dermatology, HyaluSport), which always on the HyaluWell® product line will be specific for their characteristics and their use, and will have all the qualities and properties of the other products. Therefore vegetable origin, without parabens, gluten, lactose and their derivatives, not tested on animals and greater viscoelastic characteristics, greater anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, especially innovative in sublingual absorption through the Lymphatic System.

The wide range of Food Supplements with Hyaluronic Acid of the HyaluWell® line proposed by San Luigi Gonzaga Srl have unique characteristics and qualities.

University of Camerino certification

University of Camerino certification. The control through the evaluation of the microbial load and microbial contaminants of supplements is essential to guarantee the quality and safety of food products in general and supplements.
In particular, quality and safety are the result of many factors, such as the purity of the raw materials used, the adequacy of the production structures and constant control of the production process. San Luigi Gonzaga Srl has always focused on the quality and safety of its products (innovative supplements of the HyaluWell® line). For this reason HyaluWell Hyaluronic Acid Supplement with Sublingual Absorption and San Luigi Gonzaga Srl have relied on the University of Camerino for the evaluation of the microbial load and microbial contaminants. The result certifies the quality and safety of the products of the HyaluWell line.



IaluLady Integratore Acido Ialuronico Salute Ossa Donna



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San Luigi Gonzaga Srl and the HyaluWell® line of supplements

The history of San Luigi Gonzaga Srl and of the HyaluWell® line is above all a history of family pharmaceutical, galenic and herbalist tradition that has lasted for more than a century.
The Latini family, ancestors of the maternal branch of the Administrator Orazio Zanetti Monterubbianesi, boasts a past as experts in the subject. In the mid-eighteenth century, the ancestors of the entrepreneur Orazio Zanetti Monterubbianesi were studying solutions for the production of drugs through medicinal procedures, using parts of plants, herbs and flowers.
The ancient Latini galenic laboratory was particularly active in the study of aromatic and officinal herbs and in the preparation of customized galenic solutions.
In the wake of this tradition and animated by a passion for well-being and care, we have created the HyaluWell® product line. HyaluWell Plus®, HyaluWell Fast®, IaluradioX® and Ialulady®. Other highly innovative products are also being studied, but with an eye to tradition, as per the philosophy of San Luigi Gonzaga Srl such as, IaluProst, AHA Dermatology, HyaluDent and IaluSport.

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The supplements of the HyaluWell® line are available in all pharmacies, and in online pharmacies. You can also find HyaluWell® food supplements at the best Parapharmacies. If you are interested in the sale of supplements from the HyaluWell® line you can contact us at our toll-free number. Soon the product will also be available in our online shop where you can find all the supplements and other products of the HyaluWell® line.

The importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

Supplements are NOT a substitute for fruits and vegetables.
The use of supplements cannot in any way compensate for the negative effects of bad behavior, including a low consumption of fruit and vegetables and a too sedentary lifestyle.
Supplements are not curative and cannot replace a healthy diet. It is therefore important to use them consciously, only “to favor the regular performance of the body’s functions”. This is the recommendation contained in the Decalogue of the Ministry of Health for the correct use of supplements.

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San Luigi Gonzaga Srl has always been attentive and sensitive to the issues of health and well-being, the dissemination of healthy lifestyles and the methods and tools for sustainable development and management of the company.

We promote sport through initiatives and sponsorships, as well as obviously putting all our love for nature and the environment into the research and development of our products.